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We've Got You

Project type

Continuous line drawing


2017 - 2020

‘We’ve Got You’ acts as both a celebratory and thought provoking capsule highlighting the need for conversation around mental wellbeing and supporting others. Inspiration stems from my own personal gratitude towards my own support network who I feel play a large part in my growth and success. 

Models featured in my collection are apart of my support network which makes this particular project extra special and reflective for me.

Inspiration stems from my own personal gratitude towards my own support network who she feels contribute largely to her own growth and success. 

"A personal tribute to my own support network who have supported me through the lightest and darkest of times"

For those that know me personally and that have been involved in the the BTS for this particular project - they know that it has been a long journey indeed...

Throwing it all the wayyyy back to 2017 where the original print idea + design stems from, at a time where my support network and the people around me were fundamental in helping build my inner confidence and crucial to my mental wellbeing. For me, the WE’VE GOT YOU series pays a personal tribute to them, whilst also reminding me daily to express gratitude for the love and support which surrounds me. Equally for others, I would like this piece to act as a reminder for gratitude, kindness and to provoke a conscious awareness in the way in which they engage with others, especially those who may not have a support network or who have negative influences around them.

“WE’VE GOT YOU” was and is a phrase commonly used amongst my family and immediate circle during times of self doubt, uncertainty and insecurity. It is used to help build each other up and affirm our inner strength, ability to succeed and most importantly, to remind us that WE ARE NOT ALONE 💛

For those OG followers who have followed me since the start of my instagram journey - you’ll know that publicly showing and sharing my work has never been easy (as for most artists, your creative work is literally like your baby and you don’t want any possible harm or criticism) and slowly gained momentum as of more recently.

The WE’VE GOT YOU series was originally a passion project that almost didn’t make it out of my private sketchbook, and once I did feel brave enough to share on my IG stories back in 2018... self doubt managed to strike once again - pushing it back into the sketchbook and almost never officially releasing it.

Finally releasing a project that is so reflective of my personal personal and inner experiences feels EMPOWERING 👏🏽💛. The process in getting here has felt tedious at times but VERY NECESSARY. This continuous journey + learning 🌱repeatedly reminds and reaffirms that it is never too late to go back to something you are passionate about and truly believe in...

If you have made it to the end of this post 🙌🏽 🎉 ... please let that last sentence be what you take away with you 💛 If I can do it... so can you.

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