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Mindful Minutiae

For her Final Major Project, Jasmine-Karis aims to engage her audience with their everyday environments, instilling an appreciation for nature and the seemingly mundane parts of our London city environment, prompting introspection in regards to material wastage. The core foundation of her project is rooted in the coexistence and merging of both natural and man-made environments. Due to her own upbringing in London specifically, there is a maintained focus on city motifs, architecture along with everyday found objects typically collected on her daily walks, which have influenced her print patterns and overall aesthetic.


An ongoing love and appreciation for texture has led to further interest and research into craft led textiles processes such as weaving, pleating and stitching, producing prints with tactility at the forefront. The incorporation of both rudimentary and modern print processes has allowed her to produce a collection of innovative and tactile final outcomes, encouraging her audience to connect with their day-to-day surroundings.

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